Enjolis B. Jones

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Enjolis B. Jones is a synergetic genre-bending duo comprised of two of Prescott Arizona’s top eccentrics. They are able to transcend the norm by cooking up a gumbo of funk, blues, jazz, reggae, classical, salsa and rock ‘n’ roll. Using looping technology they create a sound that’s never been heard before.

Jonathan Best has been playing music around the world for over 20 years. He was taught the finer points of gospel music early in his career as he toured the Pentecostal churches of New York City and the south with The Elect Lady Evangelist Shirley Davis. His blues and R&B leanings also landed him gigs with bands such as The Drifters, South African singer Cosbie Mbele, and Defunct. His odd sense of humor brought him together with Peter Stampfel (Holy Modal Rounders) for a number of albums and tours, culminating in the job of producing and recording Stampfel’s last album with the Bottlecaps “The Jig is Up”. He also performed and recorded with many Latin bands, a synthesis which brought him together with David Byrne (Talking Heads) for a seven month world tour and a feature film.


Carlos B. Jones grew up in L.A. in the 60's. One day his big brother brought home a couple of albums by a new band called The Beatles, and Carlos knew exactly what he wanted to do for the rest of his life: hit drums (and cymbals). So he began taking drum lessons and playing in bands. A few years later, he left for San Diego to study music at U.C.S.D. While there, he delved into classical percussion, African drumming, Javanese gamelan, and jazz. Immersed in the San Diego music scene, he played with such artists as Nathan East, Freddie Cole, Eugene Chadbourne and Cecil Lytle. He studied drums with Ron George, and jazz legend, Mel Zelnick. After graduating, he moved to Arizona where Carlos honed his craft by releasing his solo album of original compositions ('Sheesh'). He is currently playing with The Jackson-Jones Jazz Trio, Big Daddy 'D' and the Dynamites, and Enjolis B. Jones.

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