Every 3rd Wednesday from 6 to 7:30 pm comMUSIKey offers introductory “Playshops” that explore many ways to make participatory music accessable to all people. (We will be building bridges in southern California all through July. We will update you on where the playshops will be) We also hold day-long and weekend workshops plus extended classes that go into more depth. All of our offerings are available at our studio or we can bring them to schools, homes, churches, block parties, prisons… the possibilities are endless. And they are always evolving. So visit our online calendar and get on our mailing list so you can keep up with the latest developments.


Any conversation is improvised. We can have the same kinds of conversations within musica as we do when we simply speak to one another. Because music is a universal language it doesn’t matter what country we’re from. We can all communicate together. It also doesn’t matter what kind of musical training we’ve had because the only requirement for musical communication is listening and having something to say just like in any conversation. In the improvisation playshops we have lots of musical instruments to choose from and you can also bring your own.


Drum circles are a great entryway into group music making. A large variety of drum types and sizes provide opportunities to experience lots of sounds and rhythms. Since there is no right or wrong between your hands and a drum, what arises from these sessions is amazing and unpredictable.


Including anyone and everyone regardless of experience is key in jam sessions. If you have a simple song for us to jam on, bring it, or maybe we’ll play a groove to support a solo. Join us to explore the endless, amazing possibilities that occur when everyone participates.


Songwriting is one of the great tools for self-learning. The power of combining words with music is palpable. Our personal songs communicate ideas and feelings that can be shared whether they are complete or not. Thoughts from others can be a powerful contribution.



We use recording as a tool to explore our musicality. It is also a great way to share our music. comMUSIKey has a complete recording studio available to the public


Our one on one exploration in music making is tailored to each student’s learning style and supports the experiences of all people. The blocks that everyone has that get in the way of creating the music of their dreams, can also be removed.

We also have a program for those who desire to teach the instrument they love with the guidance of an experienced teacher. Truly a win/win situation for the volunteer teacher who’s learning new teaching skills plus new musical skills while the student learns from both teachers at once!


Did you know that whenever a piano is tuned it gets played more often and with more enthusiasm? That’s why we offer all repairs and maintenance on a donation basis. Free appraisal of any piano in Prescott, AZ is done to determine if it will work in your home, school, restaurant or anywhere else that could benefit from having a piano. A database is also kept to match people seeking pianos with pianos seeking people.