Volunteers Extraordinaire

comMUSIkey is essentially run by volunteers. I am one myself. But it would be impossible for me to do practically anything without these people. The thing is that there are so many and I forget to keep track of all the help I get. I’m just being honest here. I hope to be better. So I will just put down some of the ones I can think of right now.

The comMUSIKey board – This board meets once a month and helps me figure out not just what what to do and how to do it but also what I’m doing. And then they help me do it. They are Aaron McKinnley, Robbie Benhuri, Shiri Gall, and Terri Young.

Dori Mion – Dori is a Prescott artist and inspiration to me. She drew all those little people on our mobile stage and on our logo and helped to design the logo. I love the little people so much, I used them on the Build the Bridges logo too.

Meg Bohrman of High Note Healing does so much work in the community that is completely in line with our vision, that I consider it volunteering for comMUSIKey. Plus she gives us all such good advice.