Beethoven’s Gift

Here is a quote from Ludwig Van Beethoven as interpreted into English by Corinne Heline in her book ‘Beethoven’s Nine Symphonies – Correlated with the Nine Spiritual Mysteries’.

“I have no friend. I must live alone; but I know that in my heart God is nearer to me than in others. I approach him without fear, I have always known him. Neither am I anxious of my music, which no adverse fate can overtake, and which will free him who understands it from the misery which afflicts others.”

My interpretation from English into my own inner language is that Beethoven was willing to access the terrifying wonders of the universe and bring them to any earthbound person willing to listen and be healed. Very Christlike of him.

So what is required of any of us to attain these heights and spread the love? Do we need to be musical geniuses or we can we just keep it simple and true?

I’m willing to see what happens with anyone who’s willing to try.

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  1. Musicians have a gift of sharing their inner world with others through their music. In terms of “understanding” their music, I wonder if there might be both a more analytical approach (head) and a more intuitive approach (heart) way of entering into that world or state of consciousness, and perhaps both of them together might be healing in itself, as it brings head and heart closer together. Any comments?

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