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  1. Hola Jonathan! This is Jane from Iowa. We met in Green Valley and went to Operation Streamline and Nogales together. I love your music and am hoping to share teach and perform your building bridges song this month at our unitarian church. love and Peace!

    1. Hola Jane! I don’t know how I missed this message! Well I kind of know. One of our volunteers just pointed it out to me today. I hope to be coming through Iowa in early August with my Build the Bridges tour. Did you do the Build the Bridges song? I put you on our email list. If you don’t want to be, let me know and I’ll take you off. Email is better than wordpress if you want to reply to this.

      1. Hi Jonathan – I was at the UU service in Okoboji yesterday and yes, Jane did sing Build the Bridges song during the service! It was a wonderful service.
        Please let me know when and where you Iowa tour will be. Want to come to Iowa City? Or Des Moines?
        And please add me to the email – Thanks – Deb , a UU from Iowa City

        1. Hi Deb,

          I just saw this for the first time! I’d love to come to Iowa City! or Des Moines! I guess not now though… Who knows what will happen if and when this calms down. We’ll have to be in closer touch! In the mean time I will put you on the list. What we’re trying to do is make comMUSIKey global with offices all over the world. Maybe you can be on the globalizing team. Oh and did anyone record the Build the Bridges song?

          And one more thing. Let’s communicate through email. I’ll prolly reply faster! jb@comMUSIKey.org

          I hope you and your loved ones are doing well.


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