Wanted: Genius

One thing that Covid 19 is making abundantly clear to me is that just as a virus can cause unforeseen panic, death, and destruction, there are viruses that build communities. One example is the Artistic Expression Virus or what I call Artex 20. 

Another thing that is becoming abundantly clear to me is that we each have our own personal genius but it needs community to really thrive and multiply. When you think of all the famous game changing geniuses, we always want to hear the story of how they grew out of our society. And we see that the fruition of their genius was always dependent on societal conditions. It’s hard to access your genius when you’re working three jobs and you’re worried about your kids’ future. 

One of my favorite rockstars, Brian Eno said that genius comes from the community. The individual is really just the spokesperson and our society separates them out and because we are so infatuated with the individual, we can’t even see where the genius actually comes from. He said that he is one of the beneficiaries of that thing. (I’m sure I’m paraphrasing to the point where I’m making him say more of what I believe than what he said. But I found his talk very inspiring) 

The mission of comMUSIKey is foster hotbeds of genius in our communities. If there ever was a time for genius it is now.

I have prepared a web page that has links to various online resources that I am exploring. http://www.commusikey.org/online-resources/

Every Wednesday from 5 to 7 pm pacific time we will spend some time together with these resources and sharing each others’ genius.  


Meeting ID: 843 792 4381

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